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Letter from the Publisher

We hope this new publication will position the Institute as the thought-leader in our field and as the go-to place to learn about and think about what it takes to transform neighborhoods in America.

BOOK REVIEW: The Politics of Happiness

In his new book, former Harvard President Derek Bok says that public policy in the U.S. has neglected to promote the well-being and happiness of Americans.

Q&A: Bob Weissbourd on 21st Century Community Development and Policy

Robert Weissbourd discusses his new article on neighborhoods, community development and federal policy.

Lessons from the Field: How 21st Century Community Development Can Inform Federal Policy

Thriving neighborhoods are critical to the success of their cities and metropolitan areas, but crafting effective programs to support neighborhoods presents major challenges.

Let's Stimulate 'Demand-Driven' Community Development

Too often, policy makers focus on what they can supply to low-income people: housing, jobs, services. It makes more sense to build local capacity so that neighborhoods exert demand to obtain the services and programs they need to create the type of neighborhood they want.

White House Lauds Institute's 'Chorus for Change'

The White House Office of Urban Affairs posted a warm welcome to the Institute in an April 23 post on the White House Blogs titled "Community Development Voices Form a Chorus for Change."

"Action Strategies Toolkit"

A toolkit for policymakers to aid in the creation of budgets, laws, regulations and zoning ordinances that contribute to healthy communities and reduce childhood obesity.

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