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In San Diego, Two Different Paths to Change

Colina Park is a polyglot of immigrant groups with little organizational structure. Greater Logan Heights is mostly Latino  and has plenty of organizations, but not much cooperation. Both places are turning plans into action.

Partnerships? Sure, But How Do You Get There?

A forum in San Diego found plenty of barriers to improving communities, but just as many ideas for burying old grudges and balancing competing agendas. The buzz word was "partnerships."

A Quality-of-Life "Movement" in Duluth

Sixth Avenue East – with its four lanes of traffic barreling up and down an 800-foot bluff – has long been a dividing line in the city of Duluth. But come September 18, Sixth Avenue will serve a new function – as a unifier. That's one of many results of a series of planning processes in five neighborhoods in the city of 85,000.

Riverfront Park Helps Mill Town Turn Corner

Five years ago, there wasn’t much reason to walk down Aleppo Street in Providence. Amid the rotting buildings of the old Riverside Mills, drug dealers and prostitutes did a steady business. The blocks surrounding Aleppo Street were a place to find trouble, not relaxation. But a recent series of collaborations has transformed the riverfront into a center of community life.

Police and Merchants Team Up on Safety

When San Francisco’s Chief of Police and dozens of uniformed officers came to spread awareness about public safety on the Leland Avenue commercial strip, merchants already knew many of them by name.

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