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Debut of Institute Draws Coverage, Commentaries

Reporters, bloggers, and city-watchers are taking note of the Institute's debut and beginning a dialog about what issues need to be addressed, from capacity building to funding. Find links to coverage here by, Neal Pierce at, the Massachusetts Association of CDCs, and others.

Issues and Angles from Inaugural Meetings

There were more questions than answers at the inaugural meeting of the Institute on April 20, 2010, in Washington, D.C. Photos and quotes capture some of the discussion that day and at the Board of Advisors meeting the night before.

Institute Gets Marching Orders at D.C. Inaugural

Participants at the inaugural meeting of the Institute, held April 20 in Washington, D.C.,  expressed broad support for the Institute’s mission of advancing the field through training, peer-to-peer learning, research and communication.

MacArthur's Julia Stasch: 'Why an Institute? Why Now?'

The MacArthur Foundation's Julia Stasch says it is the right time to start an Institute, and lays out three ways the organization can "be even more essential and ambitious—not only respond to need but to lead."

White House Lauds Institute's 'Chorus for Change'

The White House Office of Urban Affairs posted a warm welcome to the Institute in an April 23 post on the White House Blogs titled "Community Development Voices Form a Chorus for Change."

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