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Houston Neighborhoods Work to Build Better Futures

Residents of Houston's near north side and Independence Heights neighborhoods told their stories  as local leaders launched ambitious plans to develop affordable housing, strengthen infrastructure and improve education.

Douglass-Sumner: Building Steps to Somewhere

Two houses under construction, and a plan for the future, represent a turning point for an old Kansas City neighborhood.

The 'Long, Hard Slog' of Neighborhood Building

By Leo Ries – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said  that establishing a democratic, civil society in Iraq will be a “long, hard slog.”  Wise words, I think - words that resonated for me in terms of our work of rebuilding Milwaukee’s older neighborhoods.

Going to Scale: A Good Thing, If We Do It Right

By Andriana Abariotes – Almost every day these past few months I’ve been involved in conversations about achieving scale, but the language is often vague and undefined. For me, these conversations raise questions: Would we know scale, or share its definition or recognition, when we achieved it? Is the issue just one of scale, or do we really mean impact?

New Jersey Street: 'A Sense of Unity and Pride'

Two years ago, the historic Bates-Hendricks House in Indianapolis overlooked a dangerous and dilapidated stretch of South New Jersey Street. Small cottages had fallen into disrepair. Weeds sprouted through cracked sidewalks. A densely-shaded median provided cover for drug deals. Things are very different today.

Riverfront Park Helps Mill Town Turn Corner

Five years ago, there wasn’t much reason to walk down Aleppo Street in Providence. Amid the rotting buildings of the old Riverside Mills, drug dealers and prostitutes did a steady business. The blocks surrounding Aleppo Street were a place to find trouble, not relaxation. But a recent series of collaborations has transformed the riverfront into a center of community life.

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