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The 'Long, Hard Slog' of Neighborhood Building

By Leo Ries – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said  that establishing a democratic, civil society in Iraq will be a “long, hard slog.”  Wise words, I think - words that resonated for me in terms of our work of rebuilding Milwaukee’s older neighborhoods.

Many Plans Before, But This One Has Legs

Gathering a bunch of neighborhood folks around a table to write a plan is nothing new. NeighborWorks in Woonsocket, R.I., had done the drill many times. But now a plan that isn’t even finished is reverberating around the Constitution Hill and Fairmont neighborhoods. The key was a focus on relationships.

Green Metropolis: Cities as Environmental Solutions

By Bob Van Meter – David Owen, a staff  writer for The New Yorker, has written a provocative new book called Green Metropolis which argues that if America is to reduce its carbon footprint then we must become in Owen's words "more like Manhattan."

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