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Lessons from the Field: How 21st Century Community Development Can Inform Federal Policy

Thriving neighborhoods are critical to the success of their cities and metropolitan areas, but crafting effective programs to support neighborhoods presents major challenges.

Letter from the Publisher

We hope this new publication will position the Institute as the thought-leader in our field and as the go-to place to learn about and think about what it takes to transform neighborhoods in America.

Building the Platform for Community Development

After twelve eventful and creative years of pursuing a comprehensive development program in Chicago, just what do we think we’re doing? Here's an overview of how the New Communities Program was built.

Optimism on Economic Recovery May Be Premature

Indicators suggest that more tough days are ahead. But in the meantime, we can position our neighborhoods for a stronger recovery.

Zilber Initiative Expands Milwaukee Revitalization

The $50 million, 10-year Zilber Neighborhood Initiative to revitalize poor Milwaukee neighborhoods will expand to inclued three south side three neighborhoods that are part of the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors area.

Houston Neighborhoods Work to Build Better Futures

Residents of Houston's near north side and Independence Heights neighborhoods told their stories  as local leaders launched ambitious plans to develop affordable housing, strengthen infrastructure and improve education.

May the Force Be with You!

When a collective of people choose to associate with each other, envision a better future, and then work to create that future, they create a force that can be felt and seen.

What Do We Value? Chicago Groups Speak Out

When the movers and shakers of Chicago’s community development world gathered recently for an “all NCP” meeting, they zeroed in on the essential elements that make the program work, for their communities – and for themselves.

The 'Long, Hard Slog' of Neighborhood Building

By Leo Ries – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has said  that establishing a democratic, civil society in Iraq will be a “long, hard slog.”  Wise words, I think - words that resonated for me in terms of our work of rebuilding Milwaukee’s older neighborhoods.

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