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What 'Communities in Action' Can Accomplish

Studs Terkel saw it back in the Great Depression when neighbors helped an evicted family get back into its home. And now, around the country, "communities in action" are accomplishing much more than any individual could manage alone.

Partnerships? Sure, But How Do You Get There?

A forum in San Diego found plenty of barriers to improving communities, but just as many ideas for burying old grudges and balancing competing agendas. The buzz word was "partnerships."

How It Happens: Planning into Implementation

How do you turn plans into reality and move people into implementation? Listen in as practitioners from Woonsocket and West Indianapolis tell what they learned along the way.

For Once, Planning Trumps Politics

The unexpected turnover of the mayor's office in Indianapolis in 2007 seemed to spell doom for a six-neighborhood effort called the Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiative. But the turnout of local residents for a series of quality-of-life planning meetings was powerful enough to drive the program forward -- with results that have exceeded early expectations.

New Jersey Street: 'A Sense of Unity and Pride'

Two years ago, the historic Bates-Hendricks House in Indianapolis overlooked a dangerous and dilapidated stretch of South New Jersey Street. Small cottages had fallen into disrepair. Weeds sprouted through cracked sidewalks. A densely-shaded median provided cover for drug deals. Things are very different today.

'Legacy Project' Swings Indy's Super Bowl Bid

After a narrow loss to Dallas in its bid to host the 2008 Super Bowl, Indianapolis leaders regrouped and found help for a second bid in an unlikely place: the Near East Side neighborhood. By positioning the community and its quality-of-life plan as the bid's "legacy project," Indy won the bid for 2012. The successful play has leveraged more than $70 million in new investments.

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