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Building the Platform for Community Development

After twelve eventful and creative years of pursuing a comprehensive development program in Chicago, just what do we think we’re doing? Here's an overview of how the New Communities Program was built.

What 'Communities in Action' Can Accomplish

Studs Terkel saw it back in the Great Depression when neighbors helped an evicted family get back into its home. And now, around the country, "communities in action" are accomplishing much more than any individual could manage alone.

Closing the Deal: 7 Tips on Making it Happen

Stamina and creativity are key to landing real estate deals, but don't forget the basics. From Chicago's South Side, Bernita Johnson-Gabriel provides some guidance.

What Do We Value? Chicago Groups Speak Out

When the movers and shakers of Chicago’s community development world gathered recently for an “all NCP” meeting, they zeroed in on the essential elements that make the program work, for their communities – and for themselves.

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