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Health & Wellness

Where people live determines how healthy they are. That’s why the work of community developers to improve the quality of life in low-income neighborhoods is so important.

New community development-health partnerships are focusing on neighborhood-based strategies to improve the built environment and promote healthy, active living.

In particular, new resources and tools are being introduced to increase access to healthy food, affordable primary care, and safe places to exercise and play—all of which have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of residents.  

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Practioner Resources

The Health & Wellness resources are organized into these categories:

For more on housing that promotes health and wellness, visit the Green Development category of our Affordable Housing section.

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Steps to Success: A Toolkit for Health Centers Navigating a Capital Development Venture
Capital Link toolkit takes the guesswork out of capital projects for health centers
Health and Wellness Training Materials Available
Mel King Institute training archive holds a trove of health-related resources
Healthy Habits Begin Early
How some child care centers are looking after kids and their health
Making Room for Play
Increasing access to recreational opportunities in low-income neighborhoods
Social Impact Investing and the Healthy Futures Fund
Archived webinar explains how investors can create positive community health impacts
MeasureUp Helps Evaluate Health Impacts
New webpage offers resources and tools to help practitioners measure their programs' health impacts
2015 County Health Rankings Released
How healthy is your community? Find out with the 2015 County Health Rankings.
A Place People Call Their Own: Community Partnerships That Foster Community Health
Community developers and funders in the Twin Cities collaborate to make neighborhoods healthier.
The National Farm to School Network
NFSN is an advocacy and networking hub for communities working to bring local food sourcing and food and agriculture education into school systems and preschools.
Place-Based Strategies for Improving Health
A webinar with innovative place-based approaches to develop the physical infrastructure needed for good health and introduce associated programming, services, education and outreach.
The Build Healthy Places Network
The Build Healthy Places Network promotes collaboration across the community development and health sectors by sharing research, tools and resources, and by connecting industry leaders.
Community Commons
Created for organizations and people working for healthy, sustainable and livable communities, this website is an "interactive mapping, networking and learning utility."
"Supporting Childhood Wellness through Healthy, Affordable Housing"
Paseo Verde, a mixed-income development in Philadelphia, supports children’s health through green design, an on-site health center and pharmacy, and social service programs.
DASH – NY Database for Obesity Prevention Policies and Evidence
This searchable database has policies and academic research on a wide array of issues and topics that impact obesity at the community level.
Webinar: Community Development = Healthy Neighborhoods
This webinar covers the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps model, green cleaning in affordable housing, and how the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corp. has approached health in their work.
Understanding Health Reform
A website for consumers and employers with a wide range of useful information about the Affordable Care Act.
"Community Dividend: CDFIs emerge as key partners in improving community health"
This article describes how community development financial institutions can play a critical role in financing the infrastructure that makes good health possible.
County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
This website has information to help select and implement evidence-informed policies, programs and system changes that will improve the many factors we know affect health.
"Health: It takes a village—Community development and public health"
Highlights of projects that integrate public health with community development through LISC Twin Cities' Building Sustainable Communities program.
Active Living Research website
The Active Living Research website provides research-based tools and resources to help practitioners, policy-makers, and advocates create more activity-friendly environments.
Centers for Disease Control Healthy Community Design Initiative website
The CDC Healthy Community Design Initiative website gives a wide array of ideas and options on how to improve public health by promoting healthy community design.
Healthy Food Access Portal
This comprehensive website provides a wide range of information on strategies and resources to support healthy food retail projects and related policy efforts.
The Center for Active Design
The Center for Active Design's website provides design guides to promote healthy eating and physical activity in communities, including supplements for affordable housing, safety and sidewalks.
Washington Post's Health Beyond Health Care
The Washington Post 's Health Beyond Health Care collects articles, graphics and videos connected to the paper's conference on healthy living.
"Understanding the Role of Community Development Finance in Improving Access to Healthy Food"
A guide for public health practitioners on using community development finance to help increase community access to healthy food.

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