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Education Programs & Charter Schools

SchoolBuild Webinar Series: Project Cost Calculator (Webinar)
Learn to plan financially for new or expanded school facilities, and avoid costly mistakes
"Charter School Bond Insurance: A Complete History Volume 3"
The academic, operational and financial drivers of credit strength and risk for charter schools, and the metrics for measurement .
"Financing charter schools: What you need to know"
A comprehensive source for information on how charter schools fund real estate projects.
Coalition for Community Schools Website
A deep website that has background information on community schools, research and reports, hands-on tools, news on schools around the country and more.
Website that offers examples of effective policies to ensure children's success.
"School-based health care makes the grade in Chicago"
Reasons why the school-based health center at Perspectives-Calumet Middle Academy in Chicago thrives, while others have struggled.
"Connecting with Care in Low-Income Boston Neighborhoods"
How a Boston program brought mental health clinicians to schools in low-income Boston neighborhoods.
“The Charter School Facility Finance Landscape”
A survey with descriptions of financing products and geographic markets for the 21 private nonprofit providers currently active in the sector, and two public-private partnerships in Indiana and…
“How Community-Based Organizations Can Start Charter Schools”
The latest thinking about building effective partnerships and alliances, especially with community based organizations (CBOs), to develop new charter schools.
“Creating New Schools: The Strategic Management of Charter Schools”
A how-to guide to effective strategic management of charter schools.
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