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Child Care Programs & Facilities

Healthy Habits Begin Early
How some child care centers are looking after kids and their health
“CICK Resource Guide: Creating Quality School-Age Child Care Space"
Best practices in the design and improvement of after-school environments for children in kindergarden through eighth grade.
"Greening Early Childhood Centers"
This guide focuses on high-impact green design and capital investment strategies, as well ideas for physical improvements, environmental education and facilities operations that can be implemented…
“The ABC's of Early Childhood Programs and Facility Development”
An introduction to child care facility development for neighborhood-based organizations.
"Building Early Childhood Facilities: What States Can Do to Create Supply and Promote Quality"
A policy brief that outlines strategies for successfully financing, designing and developing high-quality preschool facilities.
"CICK Early Childhood Facilities Resource Guides: A Step-By-Step Set of Workbooks"
A series of four resource guides to help local practitioners through the process of opening and operating early childhood facilities in the community.
“Child Care Facilities: Quality By Design”
How a well-designed child care facility can result in better program quality.
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