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Community Safety

Revitalizing a neighborhood and creating a safer neighborhood almost always go hand-in-hand. Renewed buildings and streets deter crime, and an atmosphere of security encourages investment and development. 

Efforts to include community safety into a comprehensive community initiative span a broad range of projects, including targeted property acquisitions informed by community and police identification of crime hot spots, offender reentry initiatives to short-circuit the cycle of recidivism, use of trusted community organizations to enlist at-risk youth in crime prevention efforts, park renovations and programming to create vibrant public spaces.  Critical to success is partnerships’ ability to engage a range of law enforcement, city and nonprofit agencies. 


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Practitioner Resources

From Pop-Ups to Park Benches
5 ways to activate empty spaces in your community
Building Crime Reduction Programs That Stand the Test of Time
BCJI gathering turns spotlight on sustainability
Engaging Youth In Neighborhood Safety
How to bring young residents into the community safety conversation
Working With Lots: A Field Guide
Vacant lots never looked so good.
Data Informs Effective Community Safety Approaches
Using data and research to find the right crime reduction strategies
Local Community Safety Efforts Bring Both Challenge and Inspiration
Key Lessons from the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation program
"What Is CPTED and How Can It Help Your Community?"
An article on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design , a multidisciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior by changing how places are laid out, and how they look and feel.
Community Safety by Process
A series of how-to articles on the key activities to incorporate public safety into a comprehensive community development initiative, with advice from successful groups around the country.
LISC Community Safety Initiative
The LISC Community Safety Initiative website has a wealth of materials, from examples of key strategies to using community development to fight crime, to information about key partners.
"It Takes a Village: Communities Tackle Crime"
How a neighborhood and local police worked together through the SafeGrowth program to reduce and prevent crime.
"Community Developer Helps Police and Neighbors Find Common Cause"
Why community developers should want to change the way police and neighbors work together.
“Developer + Police = Results”
A safety tool diagrams how community developers and police personnel can collaborate on development projects in mutual beneficial ways.
LISC Experts Online: "Organizing for safety"
A discussion about tackling major barriers to collaboration between community members and police.
“Understanding Crime Displacement: A Guide for Community Development Practitioners”
It's commonly believed that if police and the community stops crime at one local hotspot, the same activities will start somewhere new--but that doesn't have to be the case. A paper on how to assess…
“Beyond Community Policing: Engaging Prosecutors in Community Safety Partnerships”
Several best practices for including local prosecutors in partnerships.
“SafeGrowth: Creating Safety & Sustainability through Community Building and Urban Design”
A comprehensive program model for planning comprehensive community safety programs.
"Leveraging Code Enforcement for Neighborhood Safety: Insights for Community Developers"
The process of neighborhood revitalization through a focus on code enforcement.
“Catalyst for Collaboration: Roles of a Safety Coordinator”
An outline of the role and strategy of a safety coordinator, how to structure the position and go about finding the appropriate person to fill it.
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