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Commercial Property

Finding New Life for Industrial Properties
Reuse of vacant industrial buildings adds vitality to southeast Indianapolis
Experts Online: Mitigating Construction Risk
Webinar with construction management veterans that covers everything from selecting a design team to the best practices for closing out a job.
"Building for Wellness: The Business Case"
A report on features for projects that can promote wellness-focused community development.
Artscape DIY
An online resource that goes deep and wide in providing hands-on resources, ideas, templates, videos, advice and more for creative placemaking.
"Commercial Property & Asset Management: A planning guide with sample forms"
A basic template for property manegement plans to help community development corporations face the challenges that accompany commercial real estate projects.
"LISC Small Business Loan Opportunities"
A toolkit of products and services to support small businesses.
"Where Community Is at Work Making Itself"
Experts discuss examples of how communities use and build "third place" spaces where people can gather, talk, interact, play, plan and just hang out.
“Go Green, Get Green: LISC’s Guide for Small Business”
A green guide for small business, created by LISC Green Development Center.
"Designing Retail Space and Getting it Oh So Wrong"
Common problems that can happen when nonprofit housing developers create new commercial space without understanding what works and what doesn't for retailers.
"Five Tips to Designing a Great Facade Grant Program"
Tips for designing effective f açade improvement programs for small businesses in the community.
"Brownfield Redevelopment: Reclaiming Land, Revitalizing Communities- A Compendium of Best Practices"
The fifth compilation of best practices in various cities’ brownfields redevelopment published by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
"Getting Over Your Retail Leasing Blues"
LISC MetroEdge materials providing expert advice on what challenges to expect and how to address them.
"Grocery Store Attraction Strategies: A Resource Guide for Community Activists and Local Governments"
Resources to help communities organize a coordinated strategy for grocery store attraction.
"Leadership Strategies to Capture Emerging Markets"
An in-depth analysis of three local CDCs and how they worked with private developers to create new retail developments in older urban communities.
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