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Commercial & Economic Development

Economic development creates jobs, enhances neighborhood safety and contributes to vibrant environment of activity and growth. By creating opportunities for retailers and service providers, residents can shop for the goods and services they need in their own neighborhood.

Successful local businesses help forestall blight and crime, and they reinforce investments in housing and other development efforts. They transform decaying commercial corridors into centers for arts and entertainment, and incubate innovation that ranges from micro-enterprises to retooled industrial sites.


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Practitioner Resources

The Commercial & Economic Development resources are organized into these categories:

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"City and Suburban Job Holding and Job Locations"
A paper providing background information on resident employment and job locations in the six metropolitan areas included in the LISC-Urban Institute-Federal Reserve Discussion Series.
LISC Experts Online: "The New Regionalism: Rethinking States, Neighborhoods, and Metropolitan Solutions"
Answers about the evolving regional planning landscape and how it relates to sustainable communities.
"Neighborhood Employment Strategies in Metropolitan Labor Markets"
A paper examining the efforts over the last three decades to link the unemployed and under-employed with jobs.
"Five Tips to Designing a Great Facade Grant Program"
Tips for designing effective f açade improvement programs for small businesses in the community.
"It's the economy, stupid!"
A series of articles outlining why connecting a neighborhood to broader local and regional economies is important to a community's well-being.
"Brownfield Redevelopment: Reclaiming Land, Revitalizing Communities- A Compendium of Best Practices"
The fifth compilation of best practices in various cities’ brownfields redevelopment published by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
"Getting Over Your Retail Leasing Blues"
LISC MetroEdge materials providing expert advice on what challenges to expect and how to address them.
LISC Experts Online: "Smart Growth Revisited: Community Developers and Sustainability Moving Forward"
A discussion on smart growth as it relates to community and the work of community development.
"Case Studies for Transit Oriented Development"
A short summary of the transit oriented development (TOD) tools that are used by communities across the country.
"Commercial Corridors: A Strategic Investment Framework for Philadelphia"
This dense, detailed examination of all of Philadelphia's 265 commerical corridors shows how maps, measurement and statistics can serve strategy and support for retail centers .
"Grocery Store Attraction Strategies: A Resource Guide for Community Activists and Local Governments"
Resources to help communities organize a coordinated strategy for grocery store attraction.
“Commercial Revitalization Planning Guide: A Toolkit for Community Based Organizations”
A guide to help communities discover a starting point for planning a commercial corridor revitalization program and provides practical tools to assist in its implementation.
“A Roadmap to Revitalizing Urban Neighborhood Business Districts”
A description of the techniques that LISC and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s National Main Street Center (NMSC) used in a four-year demonstration program building on NMSC's Main…
"Leadership Strategies to Capture Emerging Markets"
An in-depth analysis of three local CDCs and how they worked with private developers to create new retail developments in older urban communities.

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