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Sample Quality-of-Life Plans

A quality-of-life plan is a document created by a wide array of local stakeholders to map out the assets and challenges faced by the community and specific, measurable goals to improve the neighborhood.

These quality-of-life plans from around the country give an idea of what can be accomplished with strong local voices and momentum for change.

Greater Newark: "Transforming Lower Broadway - Our Quality of Life Roadmap"

After a two-year participatory process that included hundreds of community members from the Lower Broadway neighborhood, Greater Newark LISC published "Transforming Lower Broadway: Our Quality of Life Roadmap" in October 2011 as its Building Sustainable Communities plan.

Transforming Lower Broadway - Our Quality of Life Roadmap Synopsis

For more information on Building Sustainable Communities in Greater Newark, contact Robin Brown at

Houston’s Near Northside Neighborhood Quality-of-Life Plan

Houston’s Near Northside neighborhood is in the midst of a transformation from a warehouse district known for crime and lacking in economic opportunities, to a more vibrant community offering new homes, retail options, jobs and recreational spaces to residents.

Crime, an aging housing stock and inadequate infrastructure have degraded the quality of life in the community, but due to its proximity to downtown, the neighborhood is experiencing new redevelopment activity along with the Metro Light Rail expansion that will go through the neighborhood. 

Rhode Island Groups Release "Community Contracts"

The neighborhood plans for Rhode Island's Woonsocket and Olneyville areas, made public in March 2010, are called "community contracts" because they reflect commitments by stakeholders to turn the ideas into reality.

The Woonsocket contract covers the Constitution Hill, Fairmount and Main Street communities. It was coordinated by Neighborworks Blackstone River Valley.

The Olneyville contract focused on the riverside neighborhood of Olneyville in Providence. It was facilitated by the Olneyville Housing Corporation.

Milwaukee Quality-of-Life Plans: Zilber Neighborhood Initiative

Download the plans created by the Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square neighborhoods in Milwaukee. The plans were created in 2009 as part of the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative.

The Chicago Plans: 14 Neighborhoods Map Out Their Futures 

The neighborhoods participating in LISC/Chicago's New Communities Program created 14 quality-of-life plans that laid out their visions for the future and detailed strategies and projects to achieve their goals.

Ten of the plans were created in the first round of planning in 2004 and 2005. Four more plans were created or updated in subsequent years.

Download the 2005 summary.

Download all other plans from the New Communities Program web site.

Quality-of-Life Plans for Indianapolis Neighborhoods

The Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiative brought together more than 300 residents in six neighborhoods in 2008 to create quality-of-life plans that are now being implemented. 

The project involved Indianapolis LISC, the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center and the Ball State University CAP/Indianapolis Center.

Download the plans here:


Crooked Creek Plan

Near Eastside Plan

Near Westside Plan

Southeast Plan

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