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Bringing Programs to Scale

A social innovation program that has been proven to work can be replicated in other communities and cities, with the expectation that it can produce the same results. Scaled programs often allow for flexibility in implementation to best adapt to the local context.

Effective scaling requires a robust management structure, data systems, tools and templates, and technical assistance. To successfully bring a program to scale, nonprofits, intermediaries, foundations and governement agencies need to address issues of sharing information about programs that work, shortages of “scaling capital,” the absence of a national infrastructure to support expansion and the need for broader political support. 

Scaling and Sustaining Pay for Success
New publication examines how to finance Pay for Success for the long term
Underwriting Pay for Success Investments - Archived Webinar
This recorded webinar and accompanying presentation go in-depth on how to underwrite Pay For Success projects.
“From Promise to Practice: Scaling Innovations for Low-income Families”
Notes from a conference exploring scaling successful social welfare programs, informed by the growth of LISC's network of Finacial Opportunity Centers.
Scaling What Works website
The Resources section of the Scaling What Works website.
"Innovate and Scale: A Tough Balancing Act"
This three-page supplement to the Summer 2013 Stanford Social Innovation Review delves into the theory of change and underlying concepts and models for social innovation and scaling.
"What Works: Habitat Builds Out Its Vision"
How Habitat International and its affiliates are expanding their model after more than 30 years.
"The State of Scaling Social Impact: Results of a National Study of Nonprofits"
This 2013 report by the Social Impact Exchange is a look at the importance of scaling the impact of evidence-based solutions.
"Expanding Financial Opportunity: LISC’s Experience With Scaling Up Financial Opportunity Centers"
A case study of the Financial Opportunity Centers.
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