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Organizational Sustainability

For a community organization to have the best possible ongoing impact on its neighborhood, it needs to be a healthy, sound organization. These resources provide ideas and templates that can be used by local groups for tasks like hiring staff, keeping fiscally responsible and adding new program capacity.

Managing Government Grants: Do the Right Thing!
Webinar series on how to be a good steward of government funding.
Financial Cautionary Tales: How to Prevent Common Financial Breakdowns
A webinar and a list of resources for how nonprofits can avoid common financial traps, including nearly a dozen case studies.
"CapMap: A Capacity Mapping Resource"
A description of CapMap®, a diagnostic tool designed to assist LISC program staff in mapping the current capacity of an organization, working in partnership with a CDC to determine a path for…
"Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management"
Resources for nonprofits on four aspects of keeping fiscally healthy: planning, monitoring, operations and governance.
New Communities Program Job Descriptions
Formatted job descriptions for a number of important positions at LISC Chicago's New Communities Program.
Strength Matters Member Resources
Resources from The Strength Matters Initiative.
LISC Experts Online: "The ABC's of CDC Financial Management: Understanding the Financial Engine of Your Organization"
How to assess organizational financial strength, review the basic requirements needed to effectively manage government funding and teach the A-B-C's of compliance.
"Building Homes by Building Capacity"
An exploration of how Ability Housing in Jacksonville took on big new projects by being better prepared with an improved employee manual, financial oversight process, board governance and a new…
"Community Dividend"
How local social service and community agencies are dealing with the loss of revenue, especially government funding, during the Great Recession.
"Green Office Pledge"
Ten small steps to save energy and reduce offices’ carbon footprints.
"Audit Best Practices for Community Development Corporations"
Guidelines intended to provide supportive assistance to CDCs and their auditors to ensure the audits' completeness, consistency and comparability.
"Building Sustainable Organizations for Affordable Housing and Community Development Impact: Lessons and Recommendations from the Field"
An examination of the impact of the Great Recession on ten nonprofit affordable housing organizations.
LISC Experts Online: "Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Retention"
A webcast designed to help LISC AmeriCorps members understand the nature and value of volunteerism and ways to recruit the right types of volunteers.
"Selecting and Managing Your Accountant"
A workbook designed for CDCs and other nonprofit housing organizations of every size and includes sample documents, checklists, exhibits and templates.
"2003 Durable CDCs Conference"
A report on the proceedings of the Durable CDCs Conference held on April 7-8, 2003.
"Building Durable CDCs"
A summary of a three-day meeting focused on six episodes in which CDCs either closed or were forced to scale back significantly.
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