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Implementation is the crucial step that comes after a plan is in place. A community plan is like a roadmap--implementation is the process of starting on the journey.

Successful implementation requires the ability to form partnerships, make deals, raise funds and leverage resources. Every step of the process to create a livable, successful community is important, but implementation is where the rubber meets the road.

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Practitioner Resources

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"Expanding Financial Opportunity: LISC’s Experience With Scaling Up Financial Opportunity Centers"
A case study of the Financial Opportunity Centers.
"Where Community Is at Work Making Itself"
Experts discuss examples of how communities use and build "third place" spaces where people can gather, talk, interact, play, plan and just hang out.
Project Management: Moving from Plan to Implementation
Tips for moving from planning to implementation.
"Green Office Pledge"
Ten small steps to save energy and reduce offices’ carbon footprints.
"Audit Best Practices for Community Development Corporations"
Guidelines intended to provide supportive assistance to CDCs and their auditors to ensure the audits' completeness, consistency and comparability.
"Building Sustainable Organizations for Affordable Housing and Community Development Impact: Lessons and Recommendations from the Field"
An examination of the impact of the Great Recession on ten nonprofit affordable housing organizations.
LISC Experts Online: "Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Retention"
A webcast designed to help LISC AmeriCorps members understand the nature and value of volunteerism and ways to recruit the right types of volunteers.
Lead Agency Responsibilities
This template outlines the responsibilities of the lead agency/convening agency in a typical Building Sustainable Communities program.
Getting it Done: Summary of Proceedings
Photos, quotes and stories from the Getting It Done Conference in March 2008, which gave an overview of the comprehensive approach to community development.
"Selecting and Managing Your Accountant"
A workbook designed for CDCs and other nonprofit housing organizations of every size and includes sample documents, checklists, exhibits and templates.
"2003 Durable CDCs Conference"
A report on the proceedings of the Durable CDCs Conference held on April 7-8, 2003.
"Building Durable CDCs"
A summary of a three-day meeting focused on six episodes in which CDCs either closed or were forced to scale back significantly.

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