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Implementation is the crucial step that comes after a plan is in place. A community plan is like a roadmap--implementation is the process of starting on the journey.

Successful implementation requires the ability to form partnerships, make deals, raise funds and leverage resources. Every step of the process to create a livable, successful community is important, but implementation is where the rubber meets the road.

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Practitioner Resources

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Scaling and Sustaining Pay for Success
New publication examines how to finance Pay for Success for the long term
From Pop-Ups to Park Benches
5 ways to activate empty spaces in your community
Nonprofit Capacity Building on a Shoestring
How a cup of coffee can build your capacity
Living Cities Introduces New Urban Practice Toolbox
Innovative tools and resources help leaders and practitioners work together to improve the lives of low-income people
Underwriting Pay for Success Investments - Archived Webinar
This recorded webinar and accompanying presentation go in-depth on how to underwrite Pay For Success projects.
Working With Lots: A Field Guide
Vacant lots never looked so good.
"Building Sustainable Communities: Moving from Quality-of-Life Planning to Implementation"
This review uses lessons from Indianapolis LISC on the specific elements necessary for a community to move from a Quality-of-Life plan to implementation of its ideas.
Managing Government Grants: Do the Right Thing!
Webinar series on how to be a good steward of government funding.
Financial Cautionary Tales: How to Prevent Common Financial Breakdowns
A webinar and a list of resources for how nonprofits can avoid common financial traps, including nearly a dozen case studies.
"Getting Smarter About Smart Cities"
How technological innovations in the public sector can help cities become more productive, more inclusive and more resilient: Key themes and takeaway points from a Brooklings/ESADE event.
“From Promise to Practice: Scaling Innovations for Low-income Families”
Notes from a conference exploring scaling successful social welfare programs, informed by the growth of LISC's network of Finacial Opportunity Centers.
Scaling What Works website
The Resources section of the Scaling What Works website.
"CapMap: A Capacity Mapping Resource"
A description of CapMap®, a diagnostic tool designed to assist LISC program staff in mapping the current capacity of an organization, working in partnership with a CDC to determine a path for…
"Resources for Nonprofit Financial Management"
Resources for nonprofits on four aspects of keeping fiscally healthy: planning, monitoring, operations and governance.
How West Indianapolis Developed a Community Fund
Find out how the community of West Indianapolis leveraged relationships using their quality-of-life plan to raise capital.
New Communities Program Job Descriptions
Formatted job descriptions for a number of important positions at LISC Chicago's New Communities Program.
Strength Matters Member Resources
Resources from The Strength Matters Initiative.
Getting It Done: New Tools for Communities
Booklet from the Getting It Done Conference on how experienced practioners in Chicago's New Communities Program use various community tools.
Strategic Planning - Sample Timeline for Rapid Process
A sample timeline to help participants plan and complete a short-term strategic planning processes.
LISC Experts Online: "The ABC's of CDC Financial Management: Understanding the Financial Engine of Your Organization"
How to assess organizational financial strength, review the basic requirements needed to effectively manage government funding and teach the A-B-C's of compliance.
"Building Homes by Building Capacity"
An exploration of how Ability Housing in Jacksonville took on big new projects by being better prepared with an improved employee manual, financial oversight process, board governance and a new…
"Innovate and Scale: A Tough Balancing Act"
This three-page supplement to the Summer 2013 Stanford Social Innovation Review delves into the theory of change and underlying concepts and models for social innovation and scaling.
"What Works: Habitat Builds Out Its Vision"
How Habitat International and its affiliates are expanding their model after more than 30 years.
"Community Dividend"
How local social service and community agencies are dealing with the loss of revenue, especially government funding, during the Great Recession.
"The State of Scaling Social Impact: Results of a National Study of Nonprofits"
This 2013 report by the Social Impact Exchange is a look at the importance of scaling the impact of evidence-based solutions.

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