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Asset and Property Management

"Asset Management and the Survival of Nonprofit Owners"
An asset management expert describes common challenges and how CDCs can overcome them.
LISC Experts Online: Water Efficiency in Multifamily Housing - The How-to of H2O
Hear housing owners and managers share how they are assessing portfolios and employing measures to conserve water, save money, and accrue additional benefits that extend beyond cost savings.
"Strengthening Economic Self-Sufficiency Programs: How Housing Authorities Can Use Behavioral and Cognitive Science to Improve Programs"
This report argues public housing authorities can use behavioral science research to decide which self-sufficiency programs to pursue that will best fit the needs of low-income households.
"Aging in Every Place: Supportive Service Programs for High and Low Density Communities"
A report on the benefits of home- and community-based approaches to elderly care, and reasons to expand these programs.
"Meeting The Challenge Of Distressed Property Investors In America’s Neighborhoods"
Inight into the ways in which distressed property managers operate and how their activities affect the neighborhoods in which they are active.
LISC Experts Online: "Better Buildings, Better Assets: Using Energy & Water Tracking Tools for Improved Asset Management"
Hear about the benefits of energy and water tracking as an asset management and decision-making tool and how to take advantage of these benefits today.
LISC Experts Online: "Property Management Tools"
Hear an introduction to two new technological tools to assist municipalities and community groups in improving property management and federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program implementation.
"Asset and Property Management Toolkit"
Asset and property management best practices, standards and ratios for the affordable housing industry
"Against All Odds: The Business of Managing Affordable Housing"
This study encourages discussion among different stakeholders in the community development field and is a springboard for necessary changes to ensure properties’ long-term sustainability.
"Bedbugs: Guidelines for Best Practices in Prevention and Treatment"
These guidelines are intended to give property managers guidance preventing, inspecting and treating bedbugs as well as understanding the legal and health considerations of an infestation.
Supportive Housing Project Safety Plan
This template give managers of supportive housing clear rules to consider for a wide mix of issues for the property--from front desk rules to tornado warning response.
Asset and Property Management Workbooks
This series of workbooks covers everything for affordable housing from recruiting a property manager to controlling operating expenses
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