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Affordable Housing

Physical redevelopment, especially affordable housing, is fundamental to the recovery of places stung by years of disinvestment and decline. New construction and preservation efforts eliminate vacant, blighted properties and clean up environmentally contaminated land.

Quality, affordable homes help families put down roots and--by putting rents and mortgages within their reach--ensure they have more disposable income to spend on local goods and services.  A more stable residential base supports growing neighborhood businesses, and a better physical environment helps drive neighborhood safety while attracting additional private investment.

The built environment is critical to a healthy Sustainable Community.  It is the most visible evidence of new growth and opportunity, and it fuels wider related gains that have a lasting impact.

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Practitioner Resources

The Affordable Housing resources are organized into these categories:

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Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD): Tales from the Front Lines of RAD Implementation
A webinar with experts on HUD's Rental Assistance Demonstration program, which helps public housing authorities and private owners access capital for at-risk affordable housing.
How Housing Matters Research Briefs
Online briefs highlighting the findings and insights of 42 studies exploring the community benefits of affordable, quality housing.
"Building for Wellness: The Business Case"
A report on features for projects that can promote wellness-focused community development.
"Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households in Small and Mid-Sized Cities"
The Department of Housing and Urban Development guidebook for medium- to small-sized communities on how to increase transit connections for low- and moderate-income households.
"Aging in Every Place: Supportive Service Programs for High and Low Density Communities"
A report on the benefits of home- and community-based approaches to elderly care, and reasons to expand these programs.
"Meeting The Challenge Of Distressed Property Investors In America’s Neighborhoods"
Inight into the ways in which distressed property managers operate and how their activities affect the neighborhoods in which they are active.
Year 15 Resources
Three resources that give insights into how nonprofits can deal with the end of the 15 financing rule for buildings financed with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.
"Defying the Odds: Sustainability in Small and Rural Places"
This briefing paper provides short case studies and lessons from small communities working to protect the environment in the face of many challenges.
"Building Equity By the Tracks"
A 2013 article that ran on the Next City website on how transit-oriented development can be a tool for community development.
LISC Experts Online: "Going Smoke Free: Best Practices of Multifamily Housing Owners & Managers"
Hear how owners and managers are implementing policies to promote healthy, safe and cost-efficient living environments.
"Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice"
This handbook covers policy and practice for creating veterans' permanent supportive housing, highlighting essential elements and funding programs.
LISC Experts Online: "Green & Healthy Property Management Practices"
A discussion on ways to reduce energy and water use, and support healthy living.
"Green & Healthy Property Management: A Guide for Multifamily Buildings"
This guide helps community partners and other owners of low-income housing have an open discussion with their property managers about their properties’ energy performance.
"Transit Law’s Impact on Local Joint Development: An Explanation of Real and Perceived Barriers to Affordable Housing"
This report from Los Angeles details the rules for using federal funding for transit-oriented development on affordable housing projects.
LISC Experts Online: "Implementing RAD: New Preservation Tools for Communities"
An online discussion among HUD staff and affordable housing stakeholders on how HUD’s new Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) program can be implemented to preserve the…
LISC Experts Online: "Better Buildings, Better Assets: Using Energy & Water Tracking Tools for Improved Asset Management"
Hear about the benefits of energy and water tracking as an asset management and decision-making tool and how to take advantage of these benefits today.
"Two Shades of Green"
Notes from a workshop on helping nonprofits make existing buildings more green and healthy, with the understanding that groups who provide affordable housing have limited resources.
LISC Experts Online: "Introducing GreenTRIP: Building Certification for Truly Transit-Oriented, Green Development"
Hear about GreenTRIP, a new green building certification program that offers residents a new form of sustainable living.
LISC Experts Online: "Meeting the Challenge of Distressed Property Investors"
In this webinar, Alan Mallach, author of the LISC report "Meeting the Challenge of Distressed Property Investors in America's Neighborhoods," discusses the importance of properly maintained rental…
“Land Banks and Land Banking”
This LISC guidebook presents new strategies, resources and an examination of effective solutions to combat vacant and abandoned properties.
LISC Experts Online: "What's Health Got to Do With It? How Green Development Builds Healthy, Resilient Communities"
Hear experts discuss connections between green development and public health.
LISC Experts Online: "Property Management Tools"
Hear an introduction to two new technological tools to assist municipalities and community groups in improving property management and federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program implementation.
LISC Experts Online: "Proven Policy Strategies to Remediate Vacant Properties: Codes, ordinances and state/local policies"
Hear two national experts discuss proven techniques that are being used in cities across the country to drive remediation and restore vacant and abandoned places.
"Report: Meeting The Challenge Of Distressed Property Investors In America’s Neighborhoods"
Alan Mallach, Senior Fellow at the Center for Community Progress, offers suggestions on how to encourage responsible investor and landlord renting behavior through strategic combinations of…
LISC Experts Online: "Greening America's Schools"
A discussion on the details of greening schools including the financial and social costs as well as the benefits of implementing a green schools program.

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