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Enterprise Adds to Body of Knowledge on Joint Ventures

Developing affordable housing can be an incredibly complex and resource-intensive business. More and more community organizations are choosing to partner with for-profit developers or fellow nonprofits in order to marshal the capacity and resources to get the job done.

Enterprise this month released a Joint Venture Guidebook to help organizations that are considering the joint venture approach. The guidebook, a collaboration with the Supportive Housing Network of New York, explains how joint ventures work and provides a discussion of items any organization should consider when entering into one, including how to select partners. Eleven New York City-based case studies illustrate the types of joint ventures and the wide variety of projects they can support. Appendices include worksheets to help partners structure their relationship, a glossary of terms and additional resources.

One of the resources cited is LISC’s pioneering guide, Joint Ventures with For-Profit Developers: A Guide for Community Development Corporations. Released in 2006, this guide helps readers plan for and develop partnerships for joint ventures from the CDC perspective, including advice on how to protect your CDC’s financial well-being.

Posted in Housing Development and Preservation

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