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SchoolBuild Webinar Series: Project Cost Calculator (Webinar)

Improving the ability of charter schools to access quality facilities is critical to meeting the increasing demand for charter school seats. Charter schools often struggle to understand the impact of facility costs on their budgets and how to evaluate what a facility should cost. Often miscalculating the cost of facilities means that charter schools are forced to take money out of the classroom or must use substandard buildings. 

This recorded webinar was designed for schools planning for an expansion or a permanent facility. Speakers guided charter schools through a cost estimation exercise for a sample charter school facility project. The webinar also introduced  LISC's "SchoolBuild Project Cost Calculator", a tool that charter schools can use for their own facility project calculations.


  • Sara Sorbello, Director of Charter School Financing, Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Anand Kesavan, Senior Vice President of Structured Finance, Charter School Growth Fund

Watch the recorded webinar
Download the Project Cost Calculator Presentation

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