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Recovery Can Start Before Disaster Strikes

October 2016 flooding from Hurricane Matthew on North Carolina's Outer Banks

Photo by Brian Miller

In the wake of destructive flooding from Hurricane Matthew, we have turned our attention to how communities can react and recover. But proactive planning can help create communities that are built to withstand the forces of nature. Following are some resources that can help guide municipalities and community developers in designing communities that are more prepared for and resilient to disasters.

Environmental Protection Agency’s Smart Growth Strategies for Disaster Resilience and Recovery offer strategies for recovery and preparedness. The resources are largely site-specific publications but offer universal lessons for coastal areas, flood-prone communities and others.

Federal Emergency Management Agency has compiled a draft set of Community Resilience Indicators. Part of an effort to create a national set of preparedness measures shows how the federal government is thinking about resilience. The indicators start with 10 “core capabilities” of resilient communities, including housing, health, economic conditions and infrastructure. FEMA also offers prevention and mitigation techniques that can be used in building/rebuilding as well as resources for community risk analysis.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development National Disaster Resilience Competition includes profiles and materials from the applicant communities. Get ideas about how cities, towns, counties and states across America are planning for disaster readiness and mitigation.

RAND corporation offers an online, self-guided training on disaster preparedness for communities and organizations.

Community and Regional Resilience Institute offers guidance on what makes for a resilient community, archived conference presentations on resilience topics and research publications.

Urban Land Institute has several in-depth publications and presentations on disaster preparedness and recovery available for download.

Neighborworks offers a preparedness and recovery guide for community organizations.

See other stories and resources about disaster preparedness and recovery from LISC and the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development.

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