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Leveraging Anchor Institutions for Economic Inclusion

From PolicyLink comes “Leveraging Anchor Institutions for Economic Inclusion,” a brief that describes the role that anchor institutions – such as hospitals and universities – play in their regional economies and how their assets can be leveraged for inclusive economic growth.

The brief’s authors, Chris Schildt and Victor Rubin, discuss typical attributes of anchor institutions – they are innovators and influencers, they are large and continue to grow, they are there for the long term – and how those traits can benefit surrounding neighborhoods and residents. For example, the size and nature of anchor institutions makes them a stabilizing economic influence, less affected by market fluctuations than private corporations.

The authors go on to describe four strategies for leveraging anchors to promote economic inclusion, such as engaging them to provide workforce training and job placement given their status as large regional employers. The brief also supplies concrete steps community developers can take to implement their anchor strategies. Click here to read the full brief.

Posted in Community & The Regional Economy

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