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Revitalizing Commercial Corridors: Lessons from LISC MetroEdge

Eye-catching signs helped bring more visitors to Pittsburgh's Shiloh Street.

Mount Washington Community Development Corporation

LISC MetroEdge operates the Corridors of Retail Excellence (CORE) program, an effort to develop commercial corridors and seed economic growth along commercial corridors in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. With 20 years of experience, the MetroEdge program has accumulated some key lessons about how to approach commercial corridor revitalization and the elements that make such efforts successful. These lessons were recently shared in the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Cascade publication.

While not every corridor is ripe for redevelopment, there are some simple interventions that will improve conditions almost anywhere. MetroEdge’s advice for corridor developers includes “Don’t wait to get started” and “use ‘soap and water’ to clean up neighborhoods.” The authors of the piece, both experienced MetroEdge consultants, also advise a comprehensive approach that includes early action projects. A few quick wins can draw attention to the corridor and create some momentum while longer-term projects are in the works.

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