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The Build Healthy Places Network

The Build Healthy Places Network works at the intersection of community development and health. Launched in the fall of 2014 with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Network aims to "catalyze and support collaboration across the health and community development sectors, together working to improve low-income communities and the lives of people living in them." LISC is pleased to be highlighted as an organization that shares the Network’s vision.

The website includes resources and tools including case studies of successful projects, news about the latest collaborations between community development and health, and a calendar of events.

The site’s resource library is organized into four themes: what makes a healthy community, measurement, investment and policy. The section includes reports, conference materials, videos, infographics, articles, whitepapers, research and more, including several contributions from LISC.

"We work to facilitate more cross-sector connections, promote the health-related value of community development, encourage measurement that demonstrates that value, highlight evidence-based successes, provide evidence supporting policy improvements that remove impediments to collaboration and uncover opportunities for additional investment at the intersection."

The Build Healthy Places Network

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