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Managing Government Grants: Do the Right Thing!

Good financial management is the underpinning of any successful organization, especially those that receive government funding.  It may not be the most glamorous part of community development work, but good stewardship of this funding is critical to moving the work forward.

The LISC Institute, in partnership with the LISC Government Contracts department, is offering a three-part, in-depth webinar series on this topic with knowledgeable consultant Joanne Montagner-Hull, president of Your Bean Counters.

Session 1: Getting Speedy Grant Payment and Keeping the Money

Principles of accounting systems, financial records and appropriate documentation for government grants.

ReadyTalk Recording | Presentation PowerPoint

Session 2: Keeping Staff Costs Covered!

This conversation covers time and effort reporting, requirements for timesheets, and staff costs charged to government grants.

ReadyTalk Recording | Presentation PowerPoint

Session 3: Keeping the Lights On! Non-Staffing Costs

Operational and program costs, financial records, and requirements for travel, equipment, rent and consultants expenses.

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