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"Getting Smarter About Smart Cities"

Cities are seeking new efficient ways to use technology to address the pressures of urban life such as population growth, climate change and lower budgets.

Investments in digital infrastructure, including environmentally friendly building and transportation options, can help cities confront the challenges of urbanization by becoming “smarter.”

This piece offers key themes and takeaway points from a two-day workshop discussion by Brooklings/ESADE investigating how technological innovations in the public sector can help cities become more productive, more inclusive and more resilient.

The workshop’s first day included an event featuring civic leaders who are using emerging technologies to better the standard of life in their cities despite limited budgets and a sluggish economy.

The second day further investigated these issues with participants from eight cities across two continents and worked to answer the question of how cities can implement “smart” development successfully.

"Getting Smarter About Smart Cities"

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