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"Commercial Corridors: A Strategic Investment Framework for Philadelphia"

This report created by Econsult Corporation is a dense, detailed examination of all of Philadelphia's retail centers. The authors write, "Commercial corridors are individually an important aspect of their surrounding neighborhoods, and together an essential part of a vital city. And, a statistical and strategic approach to understanding commercial corridors, analytically complex though it maybe, is a useful way to explore the interrelationship."

The 222-page report includes many maps, statistical, demographic and economic analysis to look at Philadelphia's varied commercial corridors.

"Philadelphia boasts great diversity in its retail centers, from historic pedestrian-oriented neighborhood corridors to modern auto-oriented shopping plazas. Each of the 265 retail centers identified by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) has its strengths and weaknesses, and together they form a pressing public policy challenge for the City of Philadelphia and other public and private stakeholders: some older corridors have deteriorated and shrunk to the brink of extinction, yet still offer important convenience goods to their nearby residents; while new environmental realities are prompting meaningful discussion and action concerning the sustainability of sprawling auto-oriented retail complexes."

While focused on Philadelphia's specific commercial corridors and environment, this report may be a useful read for anyone working in the field as an example of what measurements and strategies can be employed to improve corridors.

"Commercial Corridors: A Strategic Investment Framework for Philadelphia"

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