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Integrated Services Delivery website

Integrated services delivery (ISD) is a framework to provide advice for low-income families on how to manage their finances, delivering customized knowledge and guidance about the "language of money" to those who may need it the most.

This website is a primer and a how-to for ISD, published by LISC, MDC and United Way, which each support a network of ISD programs.

The key to ISD is that it offers clients a set of focused bundled services in three overlapping areas:

  • Employment and career advancement - including assistance with job readiness, job placement, occupational skills training, education and career advancement.
  • Income enhancements and work supports - helping clients gain access to public benefits, tax credits, financial aid and other benefits to improve their financial security.
  • Financial and asset building services - workshops, classes, one-on-one counseling and access to well-priced financial products and services to help clients improve their household finances and build assets.

This website provides the basics on ISD and many resources for groups that are interested in offering an ISD program or are working on one already, including papers and other resources on getting started, using data, running operations, and specifics on employment, financial security and income support services.

Integrated Services Delivery website

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