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"Where Community Is at Work Making Itself"

(Photo courtesy of South Memphis Farmer's Market)

In this roundtable discussion from Shelterforce, two of the magazine's editors ask a panel of experts from around the country about their experiences with "third place" spaces, locations that aren't work or home where people can meet and interact.

The article touches on everything from public art to public safety in the local park, from community-led street fairs to how a small local restaurant became a place to meet and learn about the history and culture of the community.

Local practitioners can gain insights into how to promote useful third places--and that includes not trying to hard to make it happen from the top down--and what are some elements that help promote neighborhood adaption of these places to be a spot where residents build a sense of community.

"Where Community Is At Work Making Itself"

Posted in Community Cultural Development, Commercial Property, Implementing

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