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Next Generation Community Revitalization: A Work In Progress

Six prominent networks—LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities program, Promise Neighborhoods, Choice Neighborhoods, Strive, Purpose Built Communities, and Living Cities’ Integration Initiative—now operate programs in more than 100 communities at 50 sites across the country.

These on-going efforts (and previous ones, as well) have created a wide body of knowledge and experience. A new initiative by The Bridgespan Group aims to draw on this base of experience to support the field.

In the report Next Generation Community Revitalization: A Work in Progress Bridgespan’s researchers identify the six initiative’s common strengths, which include building on “what works,” embracing key management principles and practices, and recognizing that lasting change requires a robust civic infrastructure.

The researchers cite these factors as grounds for optimism about “this generation’s potential to outperform previous comprehensive change initiatives.” But they also warn of significant risks that could result in failure, including lack of long-term funding commitments, leaders who are overstretched, and silo-ed thinking. 

The report concludes with recommendations on steps to maintain momentum and strengthen the field, including knowledge sharing across the networks, building stronger management teams on the ground at target sites, and development of realistic plans that can be both funded and implemented.


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