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Final Assessment Report: Comprehensive Community Revitalization Program

The Comprehensive Community Revitalization Program (CCRP) was a collaborative effort initiated by the Surdna Foundation in 1992 and supported by 21 other foundations and corporations to boost the quality of life in the South Bronx over a six-year period. This independent report by The OMG Center for Collaborative Learning was prepared for the funders of CCRP and for a broader audience of researchers and practitioners interested in the growing field of comprehensive community initiatives (CCI’s).

The summary report concludes with five key lessons for other cities:

  • CCRP has successfully shown that well established CDCs, when given access to core staff support, organizational capacity-building resources, seed capital and expanded and high level networks, can effectively diversify into new program areas and play broader intermediary roles within their neighborhood.

  • Organizational capacity-building support is critical given the general lack of attention to these issues prior to start-up and the inevitable growing pains that CCIs cause within the organization and in its relations with the community.

  • Under proper conditions and with enough time, CDCs participating in an initiative can build a collaborative structure that they value. Sustaining the CDC collaborative after the demonstration phase ends requires that each of the CDCs demonstrate ownership in it and be prepared to support independent staff.

  • Participating in CCRP created “standing” for the CDCs in the broader political and funding community, and evidence suggests this helped to advance their agendas.

  • A critical element of success is finding a seasoned and respected individual to serve as the program administrator.

The report includes other lessons for funders who may be interested in designing or managing a CCI and members of the evaluation community working to structure assessments to fit the complex requirements of CCIs.

Download the full report here.

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