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Comprehensive Community Initiatives: Lessons Learned

Evidence is still elusive on whether comprehensive community development has a direct and lasting impact on poverty, according to this study by the Wellesley Institute. Nonetheless, a multi-front approach to neighborhood revitatization shows great potential.

After all, the report notes, "Poverty is a complex and dynamic social and policy problem, and requires equally complex and sophisticated community and policy responses."

Commissioned by the Tamarack Institute, Vibrant Communities Canada and The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, the report, "Comprehensive Community Initiatives:  Lessons Learned, Potential and Opportunities Moving Forward," points out that important aspects of a comprehensive approach include "an inspiring vision and coherent strategy" as well as "being solidly based--and solidly connected--to the needs and perspectives of local people and communities."

The report and other materials can be found at the Wellesley Institute website.


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