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Circuit Rider Reviews for LISC's Building Sustainable Communities Program

These Circuit Rider reviews, published by LISC offices in seven different U.S. states, focus on the implementation of the Building Sustainable Communities program, which engages local residents and stakeholders to build solutions in housing, economic well-being, education, healthy lifestyles and financial literacy. They discuss the nature of LISC support in these states and highlight LISC’s efforts to implement quality-of-life plans in target areas. These reports also include some of the programs' successes and challenges in the various locations.

  • Indianapolis LISC’s Sustainable Communities program, known locally as Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiative, operates in six target areas: Southeast, Near Eastside, Near West, Northeast, Northwest and West Indianapolis. This report describes progress in implementing Quality-of-Life plans in the three target areas of Southeast, Near Eastside and West Indianapolis, and how these activities build off of earlier LISC investments in these neighborhoods. Read the Indianapolis Circuit Rider here
  • This Circuit Rider review highlights what is happening through the LISC Sustainable Communities program in Duluth, known as “At Home in Duluth,” which has developed a new strategic revitalization plan that addresses both new and old challenges in housing, transportation and commerical development. It focuses on the “At Home in Duluth” collaborative in three Duluth neighborhoods, East Hillside, West Duluth and Lincoln Park, to describe the comprehensiveness of the work in those communities and its effect on the residents. Read the Duluth Circuit Rider here
  • Neighbors Excelling Together (NExT) is the local moniker for Bay Area LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities program. This report focuses on the implementation progress in two neighborhoods: Richmond’s Nystrom and San Francisco’s Chinatown. It briefly discusses the local context and the nature of Bay Area LISC’s support and involvement through NExT and reviews past efforts, programs and projects underway today. It also highlights expectations and opportunities for the future. Read the Bay Area Circuit Rider here
  • To implement its Building Sustainable Communities program in the Congress Heights neighborhood, DC LISC is working with two key partners, the We Are One Coalition and the Congress Heights Civic Association, to stay connected to Congress Heights residents and to identify the strategic direction for DC LISC’s work in the neighborhood. This report highlights the various activities of DC LISC in this area to support revitalization projects, stimulate economic opportunity and foster safe and healthy living environments. Read the DC Circuit Rider here
  • Detroit’s Building Sustainable Communities initiative, known locally as Neighborhoods NOW, targets five investment areas: East, Northeast, Southwest, Northwest and Central Woodward. This report describes the two investment areas, Southwest and Central Woodward, in which LISC and its partners are moving forward most aggressively in pursuing the comprehensive Building Sustainable Communities agenda. Read the Detriot Circuit Rider here
  • Rhode Island LISC has moved ahead with the Building Sustainable Communities program, and this report focuses on RI LISC’s efforts to invest in the physical environment, increase family income and wealth, stimulate economic activity, improve access to quality education and foster safe and health environments in the Olneyville and Constitution Hill/Fairmont areas. Read the Rhode Island Circuit Rider here
  • San Diego LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities program, known locally as Neighborhoods First, is supporting community-driven planning, program and project implementation in two neighborhoods, Colina Park and Logan Heights/Memorial. This report describes San Diego LISC’s involvement in each neighborhood, touching on issues presented in each Quality of Life plan, noting relevant prior work and focusing on the array of early action and long-term projects that are now underway. It concludes with a description of program-wide supports San Diego LISC has created to help ensure the success of its approach. Read the San Diego Circuit Rider here

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