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"Qualitative Analysis of Target Neighborhood Outcomes"

The core of the Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) initiative is creation of a strong community partnerships to pursue comprehensive approaches to change. In doing this, LISC is guided by a community-building approach that received extensive testing in Chicago’s New Communities Program.

One of our core evaluation questions is whether this approach, as it has been adapted for use elsewhere, successfully strengthens community institutions and their ability to advance neighborhood quality-of-life.

Our efforts were guided by a qualitative analysis plan, which outlines the core elements of the BSC approach, the framework for obtaining answers to questions about that approach and the actual data collection forms to be used.

To collect and analyze data for each target neighborhood, we contracted with individual consultants or consulting firms to conduct interviews with community and city-level stakeholders each year. Unfortunately, because the reports are confidential, examples cannot be shared on this site.

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