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In North Philadelphia, community organizing is path to better health
From health insurance to regular check-ups, outreach into the community helps residents get information and motivation to make a healthy choice.
Community Safety: Evaluating
A community group’s comprehensive approach to stopping crime makes a difference in West Philadelphia. They know because they’ve measured the impact.
When a street becomes a destination
Fresh facades, a model block and a new marketing plan are bringing new life--and new businesses--to Philadelphia's East Girard Avenue.
Data Driven
A community report card full of detailed statistics gives the Eastern North community in Philadelphia a clear-eyed idea of what needs to change.
Fishtown on the rise
On East Girard Avenue, conditions are ripe for a commercial renaissance.
Philly stake
A model block and other new programs offer a commercial corridor in Philadelphia’s Fishtown community a chance to shine.
Mixed and matched
Pairing improvements to local infrastructure with social services and other supports is making a difference in low-income communities in Eastern North Philadelphia.
Make that plan official
When a community-led quality-of-life plan is formally adopted by the city, it gains power and influence.
Saying 'I do' to a Philadelphia neighborhood
On June 28, a long effort resulted in the public unveiling of a quality-of-life plan for the Eastern North neighborhood of Philadelphia. Next step: implementation.
A blueprint for revitalizing commercial corridors
A new study provides a check list for assessing the ability of business strips to bounce back from economic difficulties as well as for determining what to do to help strengthen those strips.
White paper: New and definitive evidence on what works to revitalize urban commercial corridors
The study answered two basic questions: what makes for a successful retail corridor, and what interventions can get you there?
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