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Washington, DC

Keeping Opportunity Inclusive in Washington, DC
As new park plan brings investment, DC LISC aims for equitable development
Washington monument
A new book carefully chronicles what it took to build the community development field in Washington D.C.—and what it has meant for the city.
Putting the neighborhood in neighborhood schools
What lessons can we learn from the community leaders who've knocked on the doors of their local schools to build new partnerships?
Washington DC’s Promise Neighborhood is building
From a new early-learning center to becoming a Choice Neighborhood, the Parkside-Kenilworth neighborhood is having a very busy 2012.
Promise Neighborhoods: Hope for a better community
At the heart of successful community organizations, there are key individuals whose commitment and determination inspire others to hope for a better community, and to take action to achieve it.
The DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative: Civic engagement in action
Early on a chilly Saturday morning, over 60 residents of Northeast D.C.’s Parkside-Kenilworth neighborhood gathered to help shape the focus of the DC Promise Neighborhood.
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