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Parks, Open Space & Greening

Blog series features resident-led efforts in Flint, Michigan
Keeping Opportunity Inclusive in Washington, DC
As new park plan brings investment, DC LISC aims for equitable development
The mighty Elm Playlot
How an ambitious park renovation turned a place to play into a job creator, a public safety program, a healthy food center and much more.
Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities
An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
Improved KC communities improve resident health
Residents of Kansas City neighborhoods that are supported by LISC had lower blood pressure than similar neighborhoods without LISC programs, according to researchers.
Fighting climate change at the community level
Thanks to a program that provides a comprehensive perspective on green development, urban neighborhoods are giving a new look at saving the environment.
Parks and recreation
A string of community parks in the South Bronx shows how hard it can be to change a neighborhood—and why it’s worth the wait.
Fixing 'a huge hole' and improving a neighborhood
Once an eyesore -- indeed, a huge hole in the ground -- Waterway Park in Kansas City, Kansas, is now a neighborhood amenity with colorful playground equipment and inviting fields for play.
Gardens for Great, Green Communities
This article from the LISC Green Development Center outlines the opportunities that urban gardening offers, with a special focus on examples of job-training and employment programs.
Green development -- not just for tree-huggers
Using innovative green technologies — such as solar-powered hot water systems and super-insulation — isn’t just good for the environment. It’s good business.
"The one place that epitomizes our comprehensive approach to neighborhood improvement"
Providence, RI, Mayor David N. Cicilline worked closely with the local LISC office to revitalize the Riverside Park neighborhood. He highlighted that neighborhood's turnaround in his final email…
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