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Family Income & Assets

Investing in America’s Workforce: Report on Workforce Development Needs and Opportunities
Report gives a snapshot of America's workforce development sector
The Health and Wealth Connection
Research brief examines how physical and financial well-being are intertwined
2017 KIDS COUNT Data Book
Tracking the well-being of children across the U.S.
“Financial Aid” That Does More
Community colleges help students manage their finances along with their course loads
When Living Wage Jobs Are Out of Reach
Education programs help fill the workforce skills gap
A Grassroots Solution to Rural Poverty That Traveled All the Way to the White House
A multi-generational approach to poverty that is working in Blytheville, Arkansas
The Path to Financial Stability
Helping people of all income levels reach financial goals
Explore the 2016 LISC Talks
View a series of talks given by community development leaders and visionaries at LISC’s 2016 National Leadership Conference
First Steps on the Road to Financial Well-Being: Final Report from the Evaluation of LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers
Evaluation of LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers proves their value
Request for Proposals - Pay For Success (PFS) Projects
LISC offers competitive funding opportunity for selected Pay for Success initiatives.
Mapping Tool Provides Data on Equity and Inclusion
Data and mapping tool helps users understand current demographics and the benefits of greater equity.
What It’s Worth: Strengthening the Financial Future of Families, Communities and the Nation
New eBook spotlights information and ideas to improve the financial well-being of America's households
LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers Show Real-Life Results
The Washington Post recently recognized LISC’s Financial Opportunity Centers as a successful vehicle for helping families and individuals achieve financial stability.
Improving economy leaves too many behind
We need to recognize that the loss of manufacturing and construction jobs is a huge loss for low-income communties—and start working on a response that will fill those gaps.
New resource for integrated services delivery
A new website is a one-stop shop for resources for programs that mix employment, income support and asset-building services for low-income families.
Lessons on how to scale
A Q&A with Kevin Jordan about how LISC expanded its Financial Opportunity Center model across the country.
Mixed and matched
Pairing improvements to local infrastructure with social services and other supports is making a difference in low-income communities in Eastern North Philadelphia.
Measuring dollars and change
A Q&A with Jennifer McClain, who helps Financial Opportunity Centers around the country use data to help clients improve their family finances
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