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Arts, Culture and Community Outcomes
Report from LISC and Metris Arts Consulting examines impacts of arts- and culture-based community development in four neighborhoods
The Institute’s Top Stories of 2016
A look at our most popular stories of the year
Rebuilding, Artfully, in Kentucky
How artists, determined residents and goats – yes, goats – are helping turn Covington, Kentucky’s troubled Westside around.
Investments in Art Fertilize Growth in Rural Towns
How homegrown creative placemaking initiatives are spurring growth in rural areas
Report Looks At Creative Financing for Creative Placemaking
A new report looks at the barriers to financing arts- and culture-based development, as well as some innovative solutions.
Arts and culture: A superpower to help people and places prosper
From forging connections between people to supercharging a neighborhood economy, arts and culture have a unique role in supporting community development.
Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities
An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
A new role for local libraries and museums
A new program is promoting how these neighborhood institutions can join—and even lead—comprehensive community development initiatives.
Creative placemaking 101 for community developers
Look to the basic elements of creative placemaking to see why it’s an idea with so much momentum.
Artists live here
By forging new connections with local artists, community developers can get more from planning and build a stronger, more lively community.
Community-led art: What it takes
To get the best from creative placemaking, we need to build community-level knowledge, leadership and support.
The people in the place
Creative placemaking works best when the community is at the heart of both the process and the product.
Creative Placemaking: A Tour
A photo essay of programs, projects and people who are changing communities across the country with arts and culture.
How arts and culture can transform your community
Creative placemaking is a powerful, arts-based approach to community development--with great examples already underway and plenty of room for growth.
Cultural assets feed a commercial corridor
In San Diego, the City Heights community is using its diversity to create an international destination point on El Cajon Boulevard.
A portrait of the artist as a young real estate developer
On Chicago’s South Side, Theaster Gates—an artist with a background in urban planning—is building a community.
In Richmond, beautification means business
New spring energy is pouring into the Greater Fulton community in Richmond, Virginia, where careful planning is leading to beautification of the commercial corridor and beyond.
Getting the most from sports, arts and culture
Ten tips to engage residents, reclaim community space and develop leadership.
Inspiring street art and community roots
A series of short videos shows the visual impact of street art on a community in Miami.
Arts energize communities
Greater Kansas City LISC believes in a multidimensional approach to creating sustainable communities. One way it does this is by investing in projects that revitalize neighborhoods through the arts.
Art. Changes. Everything.
Community development has focused on building housing, creating jobs and revitalizing commercial districts. The arts are another way to build healthy, sustainable and vibrant communities.
Helping kids find their voices--and their futures--through the arts
Involving our youth in the arts is a great way for our youth to interact with their communities—and weave themselves into the fabric of their neighborhoods.
Using the arts to strengthen neighborhoods
What if cultural considerations were as much a part of local and regional planning as economic concerns? Could you imagine what South Chicago, let alone the City of Chicago, would be like?
Building community through art
LISC/Chicago's two-year Building Community for the Arts program was focused on how the arts tie into the larger sphere of comprehensive community development.
Murals: Making a statement, building community
The community-based outdoor mural movement, now international in scope, began more than four decades ago when African-American artists created" The Wall of Respect " on the side of a two-story tavern…

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