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Community Safety: Communicating
By telling their story often and well, community developers working on public safety in Providence have been able to build on their success.
Seeing is believing
A new video gives a clear and convincing explanation of how a comprehensive community approach can make a difference .
Spread the word far and wide
From the big picture to important details, experts from Getting It Done II give advice on how to approach communications for community developers.
Why talk about "why"
An inspiring TED video gives a compelling argument about how to change—and communicate about—your work.
The Power of #
Use #hashtags to engage and grow an online following.
Worth fighting for
“Getting It Done II” culminated with a broad view of comprehensive community development’s accomplishments and potential—and a vow to battle for endangered neighborhood…
Getting It Done leads to great advice
With Getting It Done II on the horizon, we revisit the lessons and ideas from the first event, four years ago.
Bird in hand worth two in bush – why storytelling makes sense for community developers
For several years, LISC/Chicago has used storytelling as its primary communications tool. We hire freelance writers to write stories that explain some aspect of what we’re doing there.
Words have power
In comprehensive community development, it's essential to build relationships, and to recruit people to develop and implement a vision. And to write about the effort in a clear, direct manner.
Six tips for using social media to boost community development work
Every non-profit should experiment with social media, says Nora Ferrell. “Organizations that aren't using these tools are missing out on opportunities to grow their audience.”
The value of integrating Twitter into your communications plan — explained in 140 characters or less
Twitter’s become the way businesses communicate with customers, the way reporters find news, and the way people are building relationships. It's an important neighborhood development tool.
Why tweet? Five reasons.
When a colleague suggested that Nora Ferrell start using Twitter, her response was: "It sounds stupid." Now, she's a believer.
Press Events for Dummies: Intern Edition
So you want to hold a press event? Well, there are a few things you need to know.
Is it news? Well, maybe.
You may be itching to see news about your work in the headlines or on TV. But, before your approach a reporter, make sure your idea really is news.
Ten steps to better news coverage
Getting a story about your work in the news can attract money and further your cause. But if media attention is the your main goal, you're headed down the wrong path, said Nora Ferrell.
Winning political support and media coverage --- a case study
Describing the communications strategy that Houston LISC developed to win political support and media coverage, Amanda Timm said building relationships was the first step.
Instead of stats, how about telling a story?
A steady stream of numbers — demographic breakdowns, fiscal year budgets, regression analysis for an impact study — cause eyes to glaze over. So why not tell the story instead?
Are elevator speeches a waste of time?
Do people in the community development business really require professional advice on how to describe what they do? Don’t we know by now? If we don’t, what’s that say?
Jargon vs. actual meaning --- the power of words in revitalizing neighborhoods
Is that new development "affordable housing"? Or is it "housing for teachers, retail workers, and medical office workers"? Nonprofits need to take special care with their words and avoid jargon.
Eleven (and more?) ways to screw up a neighborhood tour -- and spoil an opportunity
Based on suggestions from readers, Joel Bookman has expanded his list of ways in which a neighborhood tour can be ruined.
Nine ways to screw up a neighborhood tour -- and spoil an opportunity
Recent articles on the Institute website offer pointers for a good neighborhood tour. Well, there is another side to the story.
A grade-A tour
A tour of HOPE VI developments in Charlotte scored high in following the 10 commandments of a good neighborhood tour.
Showcase tours start with Parks & Boulevards
About a dozen staff from community, environmental and architecture-related nonprofits toured and learned about West Side Parks & Boulevards to kick off Round Two of LISC/Chicago’s Community…
Showcasing one community -- and all communities
The neighborhood tour in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood was part of the Bold Plans Big Dreams Community Showcase through which six Chicago neighborhoods got to strut their stuff for visitors.
The 10 Commandments of a good neighborhood tour: A how-to guide for putting your community on the map
A neighborhood tour can be a key component in a comprehensive community development strategy, drawing new partners, and energizing residents. But only if you do it right.

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