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Richmond, VA

Winning over naysayers
With some smart strategies, a community initiative in Richmond, Va. turned opponents into supporters for redevelopment. Here’s how they did it.
In Richmond, beautification means business
New spring energy is pouring into the Greater Fulton community in Richmond, Virginia, where careful planning is leading to beautification of the commercial corridor and beyond.
Fulton goal is gradual business development
Don’t expect a major chain grocery store to fill the commercial void in the Fulton neighborhood of Richmond, Va., anytime soon. Do expect to see a gradual business development in the…
Moving fast, getting things done
Jason Sawyer, working in the Fulton neighborhood of Richmond, Va., says the area’s plans are “moving really fast, and we’ve got a lot of things done.”
Working to break free from the past
Four days after the Fourth of July this summer, residents of the Fulton community met to chart what they hope will be a new economic independence for the Richmond, Va., neighborhood.
Assessing the Fulton Hill commercial corridor
Recently, consultants from LISC walked the Fulton Hill business corridor “to learn as much as possible about what the community is seeking."
In Richmond, Va., the first steps to revive a once-vibrant business strip
Residents in the Fulton Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Va., have taken the first steps to revive the community’s once-thriving retail corridor.
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