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Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities
An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
Southwest Side Stories
Ghian Foreman talks about purchasing pools, fighting despair, taking over a block and more at his CDC on the Southwest Side of Chicago.
Note to small biz: Loans are available
Good news for Mom and Pop corner stores, auto repair shops and your neighborhood taqueria: More loan options are available for small businesses than most realize.
Community Kickstart in Chicago
Curated "Kickstart" pages give worthwhile community projects in Chicago an opportunity to appeal directly to supporters for funding.
Southwest Side Purchase Pool Drives Quantity Discounts
“The more you buy, the more you save” (aka ‘spaving’) has to be one of advertising’s most egregious clichés, encouraging shoppers to buy things in quantity that…
Public safety in numbers
In South Chicago, a local organizer explains that when violence threatens to take over a community, it takes the whole community to fight back.
When policy comes from the neighborhood
A change in perspective came when the City asked for public health policy recommendations from Chicago community groups.
Connecting to regional markets
Six cities strategize on how to hitch poor neighborhoods to their metro regions’ economic engines
A portrait of the artist as a young real estate developer
On Chicago’s South Side, Theaster Gates—an artist with a background in urban planning—is building a community.
Getting the most from sports, arts and culture
Ten tips to engage residents, reclaim community space and develop leadership.
Thinking through evaluation
Program evaluation can be surprisingly complex. Take the time and effort to figure out the what, why and how you’ll do the measurement.
Fresh Food + Exercise – Violence = Healthy Communities
Healthy community initiatives can be a part of programs that focus on everything from economic development to recreation.
Vital signs — for self, family and community — in Chicago neighborhoods
Community Grand Rounds in Chicago focused not only on the vital signs of individuals but also on those of families and the community as a whole.
When it comes to community development, we're all working in the same room
Since the logic of what it takes to help distressed communities, families and individuals leads to a comprehensive approach, every door opens up into the same room.
Bridge-Building on Division Street
It’s been a neighborhood long divided between have-nots and have-it-alls. Now, many are trying to bridge the old divides and create a diverse-but-unified community on Chicago's Near North Side.
Walking away — a disturbing trend
In Chicago, the Woodstock Institute has documented a disturbing trend of mortgage service providers walking away from the foreclosure process and abandoning low value properties throughout the city.
Research Round Up: Mixed-Income But Not Mixing
The authors draw a fairly pessimistic picture of the state of interaction in these mixed-income developments and its prospects for positive neighborhood effects
Community schools — providing multiple dividends across an entire neighborhood
There is another way, beyond charters, for neighborhood schools to elevate their performance, new research says. And it’s a way that pays multiple dividends across an entire community
How a neighborhood organization is bringing parents and schools together so the whole community benefits
In many neighborhoods, the relationships between school staff and parents are often mistrustful if not downright adversarial. But community organizations can play a vital role in bridging the gap.
"Si, se puede! Yes, we can!" --- how to roll-out a quality-of-life plan
Three videos from Providence, RI, and Chicago tell how to prepare and roll out a quality-of-life planning effort.
Comprehensive development -- 'How you approach everything'
A new video details the history of the New Communities Program and its success as a pioneer of a comprehensive, engagement-oriented approach to neighborhood stabilization.
Andy Mooney to join administration of new Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel
Andy Mooney, the managing director of the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development, has been named by new Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to head the city's Department of Housing and Economic…
Can sports build neighborhoods?
The mission of Beyond the Ball is "to harness the power of sport to help people transform their community, not escape it."
Using the arts to strengthen neighborhoods
What if cultural considerations were as much a part of local and regional planning as economic concerns? Could you imagine what South Chicago, let alone the City of Chicago, would be like?
Building community through art
LISC/Chicago's two-year Building Community for the Arts program was focused on how the arts tie into the larger sphere of comprehensive community development.

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