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Education & Early Learning

2017 KIDS COUNT Data Book
Tracking the well-being of children across the U.S.
A Grassroots Solution to Rural Poverty That Traveled All the Way to the White House
A multi-generational approach to poverty that is working in Blytheville, Arkansas
Connecting Housing, Transportation + Education to Expand Opportunity: Living, Learning + Moving Together
Summary proceedings from a recent convening to discuss the importance and impact of consciously connecting housing, education and transportation
Hard Hat High
A YouthBuild program in Los Angeles helps keep high school students on track for graduation while also teaching them the building trades.
Right from the start
Weaving early childhood education into the mix of local programs is proving to be a high-impact way to help families and kids.
Bridge to education
A timely annual loan allows the Upper Room Summer Camp to help kids perform better in school and Greater Kansas City LISC to impact local education.
Putting the neighborhood in neighborhood schools
What lessons can we learn from the community leaders who've knocked on the doors of their local schools to build new partnerships?
Reducing crime with childcare: An innovative approach in Cypress Hills
A new public safety program uses the unique role of local childcare facilities to communicate with families and build relationships with the police.
Research Round Up: Aligning Schools into the Neighborhood
A new report from the Center for Cities and Schools at the University of California-Berkeley examines strategies to link and integrate community improvement and school improvement efforts.
The Promise Neighborhoods Initiative: Improving Developmental Outcomes Through Comprehensive Interventions
This paper offers an introduction to the concept of evidence-based interventions and how Promise Neighborhoods and similar programs can utilize multiple, overlapping interventions.
The links — and lack of links — between schools and neighborhoods
At an Oct. 18 meeting of the Institute for Comprehensive Community Development board, two speakers looked at the links — and lack of links — between schools and neighborhoods.
When it comes to community development, we're all working in the same room
Since the logic of what it takes to help distressed communities, families and individuals leads to a comprehensive approach, every door opens up into the same room.
Evaluating Integration in Elev8
An evaluation of Elev8, a program using a comprehensive approach to transform the educational achievement and life outcomes of disadvantaged middle-school students in five Chicago schools.
Research Round Up: Working Together in Strive
Cincinnati, Ohio, is making progress in the improvement of public education not by finding one big solution but by embracing many small ones, and —here’s the…
Research Round Up: Mixed-Income But Not Mixing
The authors draw a fairly pessimistic picture of the state of interaction in these mixed-income developments and its prospects for positive neighborhood effects
Staying in one place = better schooling
No problem exists in isolation. In recent testimony, a Massachusetts school official told how issues, such as poverty and housing, directly impact a child's education.
Community schools — providing multiple dividends across an entire neighborhood
There is another way, beyond charters, for neighborhood schools to elevate their performance, new research says. And it’s a way that pays multiple dividends across an entire community
How a neighborhood organization is bringing parents and schools together so the whole community benefits
In many neighborhoods, the relationships between school staff and parents are often mistrustful if not downright adversarial. But community organizations can play a vital role in bridging the gap.
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