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Reflections on the #LISCLeads Conference
LISC conference sparks thoughts on the past, present and future of our industry
Community Safety: Implementing
Crime is down and abandoned buildings are being rehabbed in Dudley Square in Boston, thanks to close attention to the details of a public safety campaign.
Sandy, climate change and community development
There are ways for local, neighborhood-based initiatives to join in the fight against global warming. In fact, some communities have already started.
Massachusetts model
A new tax credit program in the Bay State helps attract private investment to low-income communities.
Community development that fights crime
Seven tips on how to improve community safety, gleaned from police and community partners in two tough neighborhoods in Boston and Philadelphia.
Changing Mattapan -- for the better
More than 100 people met on a sweltering July 18 evening to change the Mattapan neighborhood of Boston for the better.
Green development -- not just for tree-huggers
Using innovative green technologies — such as solar-powered hot water systems and super-insulation — isn’t just good for the environment. It’s good business.
Boston mayor: Comprehensive community development is "what we should be doing"
On Feb. 15, longtime Boston Mayor Thomas Menino strongly endorsed the new Resilient Communities/Resilient Families initative organized by LISC.
Creating resilient communities
Bostonians think they wrote the book on overcoming urban blight. But Jim Capraro of Chicago seems to have captured the city’s ear on the subject.
Creating "neighborhoods of promise"
The directors of the three lead agencies for the Resilient Communities/Resilient Families initiative in Boston are all hoping to re-brand their communities as "neighborhoods of promise."
"Passion is very important"
Passionate desire for change made a big difference during the four-month process to select participants for Boston LISC's Resilient Communities/Resilient Families initiative.
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