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Community Safety

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Defending Your Town Against Zombies
LISC paper draws best practices from New York State for dealing with vacant and “zombie” properties
Blog series features resident-led efforts in Flint, Michigan
The Institute’s Top Stories of 2016
A look at our most popular stories of the year
A Call to Step into One Another’s Shoes
Helping to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities of color
Choice Neighborhoods and the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program
New LISC publication shows how overlapping housing and crime reduction initiatives reinforce one another
Community Safety's Key Ingredient: Trust
Building trusting relationships between community members and law enforcement is challenging, but essential
Working Together To Make Everyone Safer
Community-police partnerships are more critical than ever to bring safety to troubled neighborhoods
Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities
An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
Community Safety: Evaluating
A community group’s comprehensive approach to stopping crime makes a difference in West Philadelphia. They know because they’ve measured the impact.
Community Safety: Leading
A Los Angeles CDC has increased the power of its public safety work by creating partnerships with police and like-minded agencies.
Community Safety: Communicating
By telling their story often and well, community developers working on public safety in Providence have been able to build on their success.
Community Safety: Engaging
In one Milwaukee neighborhood, the first stage in improving community safety has been taking the time to build the power of community.
Community Safety: Implementing
Crime is down and abandoned buildings are being rehabbed in Dudley Square in Boston, thanks to close attention to the details of a public safety campaign.
Community Safety: Planning
In Cincinnati’s Walnut Hills neighborhood, a wide variety of stakeholders provided data and information to create a plan that is making the business district a safer place.
Community Safety: What It Takes
Lessons from local groups that have worked with LISC’s Community Safety Initiative can help your community fight crime—step by step.
"The tactical thing wasn't working"
At a summit in Newark, N.J., experts on crime prevention, community organizations, Greater Newark LISC and police sat down and talked about a new era in fighting local crime.
Public safety in numbers
In South Chicago, a local organizer explains that when violence threatens to take over a community, it takes the whole community to fight back.
Removing trouble spots
Neighborhoods in Houston are using safety audits to bring in partners and resources to improve the community in all sorts of ways.
In Houston, neighbors, cops put heads together
In Houston's Independence Heights neighborhood, residents have become the eyes-on-the-street, working with police to keep criminal activity at bay. Here's how they do it.
Community development that fights crime
Seven tips on how to improve community safety, gleaned from police and community partners in two tough neighborhoods in Boston and Philadelphia.
Reducing crime with childcare: An innovative approach in Cypress Hills
A new public safety program uses the unique role of local childcare facilities to communicate with families and build relationships with the police.
Research Round Up: Taking Lessons from Medicine
Two researchers argue that violence prevention efforts could become more effective if there were more research into violence prevention and greater effort to apply that research.
'Eyes on the street' in Providence
In the West End neighborhood of Providence, RI, new security cameras might just help local merchants prosper and encourage area residents to be more physically active.
Not in our town
"Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness" is a new PBS documentary that tells the story of residents of a Long Island village taking action after a local immigrant was killed in a hate crime attack.
A Natural Connection: The Role of Public Safety in Community Development
Across the country, local organizations are working with police to incorporate public safety into the mix of issues addressed in a comprehensive community development initiative -- with good results.

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