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Reflections on the #LISCLeads Conference
LISC conference sparks thoughts on the past, present and future of our industry
A Neighborhood's Controversial Return From the Brink
Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine neighborhood is thriving, but many longtime residents feel left out
Keeping Opportunity Inclusive in Washington, DC
As new park plan brings investment, DC LISC aims for equitable development
Revitalization That Preserves Neighborhood Culture
Facing gentrification pressure, residents of Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo create a community-driven vision for the future
A Hub Grows in Harlem
In West Harlem, community champions lead their neighborhood to a healthier way of life.
Cooking from a new menu
In the Cypress Hills neighborhood in Brooklyn, helping residents eat more healthy, fresh foods is another part of community development.
In North Philadelphia, community organizing is path to better health
From health insurance to regular check-ups, outreach into the community helps residents get information and motivation to make a healthy choice.
Price Hill: A Cincinnati neighborhood climbs back
The commitment of Price Hill's residents is helping turn this once-blighted place into a community of diverse young families and urban professionals.
The mighty Elm Playlot
How an ambitious park renovation turned a place to play into a job creator, a public safety program, a healthy food center and much more.
A new view of health
Community Health Advocates bring resources and build relationships that improve the health and wellness of residents.
Neighborhoods beckon with summer activities
An array of community programs in Chicago make summer more fun--and make their neighborhood a better place to be.
Community Safety: Evaluating
A community group’s comprehensive approach to stopping crime makes a difference in West Philadelphia. They know because they’ve measured the impact.
Community Safety: Leading
A Los Angeles CDC has increased the power of its public safety work by creating partnerships with police and like-minded agencies.
Community Safety: Communicating
By telling their story often and well, community developers working on public safety in Providence have been able to build on their success.
Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 1
With some planning, promotion and special attention, new businesses thrive along Woonsocket’s Main Street.
Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 2
Woonsocket launches a storefront stroll to promote local opportunity and reduce vacancies on its retail strip.
Community Safety: Engaging
In one Milwaukee neighborhood, the first stage in improving community safety has been taking the time to build the power of community.
Community Safety: Implementing
Crime is down and abandoned buildings are being rehabbed in Dudley Square in Boston, thanks to close attention to the details of a public safety campaign.
When a street becomes a destination
Fresh facades, a model block and a new marketing plan are bringing new life--and new businesses--to Philadelphia's East Girard Avenue.
Southwest Side Stories
Ghian Foreman talks about purchasing pools, fighting despair, taking over a block and more at his CDC on the Southwest Side of Chicago.
Data Driven
A community report card full of detailed statistics gives the Eastern North community in Philadelphia a clear-eyed idea of what needs to change.
Mount Washington signs up for more customers
Marketing materials that include graphic signage, a smart phone app and brochures aim to bring customers deeper into the Mount Washington community.
Building homes by building capacity
For Ability Housing in Jacksonville, becoming a stronger organization was key to becoming a bigger developer.
Note to small biz: Loans are available
Good news for Mom and Pop corner stores, auto repair shops and your neighborhood taqueria: More loan options are available for small businesses than most realize.
When making a healthy food choice is not an option
A New York City food pantry is expanding to offer much more in an effort to fight the city's food deserts.

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