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Commercial and Economic Development

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Opportunity Zones (Recorded Webinar)
Citi Community Capital webinar explains Opportunity Zones
The Smaller Legacy City Toolkit
New online toolkit contains resources for revitalizing legacy cities with populations under 200,000
Opportunity Zones Webinar
Recording and presentation from February 23, 2018 webinar on federal Opportunity Zones program
Driving Investment to Markets of Opportunity
Two recent resources show how community development financing meets community – and investor – goals
Rebuilding Healthy Communities in Rural America
How rural communities are addressing their unique revitalization challenges
Investments in Small Business Revive Whole Neighborhoods
In a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, LISC leaders explain how to help small businesses have big impacts
Training Opportunity Available
CDFI Fund opens waitlist for Training and Technical Assistance Workshops for Minority Community Development Entities
Reconnecting to the Economy: A More Hopeful Present & Future
Economic development that focuses on local energy and assets
Explore the 2016 LISC Talks
View a series of talks given by community development leaders and visionaries at LISC’s 2016 National Leadership Conference
A Neighborhood's Controversial Return From the Brink
Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine neighborhood is thriving, but many longtime residents feel left out
Targeted Community Reinvestment: HUD’s Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program as a Financing Tool - 2016 Update Webinar
This webinar describes how the Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program (Section 108) can serve as an important financing tool in targeting reinvestment for economic development, public facilities and…
Filling Vacancies With Food
Food Hub brings life to vacant storefront and better health to West Harlem residents
Health Center Collaborates with Grocery Store on Healthy Living in Brockton, Mass.
New Markets Tax Credit investment helps bring health care and healthy food choices to Brockton
Arts and culture: A superpower to help people and places prosper
From forging connections between people to supercharging a neighborhood economy, arts and culture have a unique role in supporting community development.
Artists live here
By forging new connections with local artists, community developers can get more from planning and build a stronger, more lively community.
Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 1
With some planning, promotion and special attention, new businesses thrive along Woonsocket’s Main Street.
Small city, big changes: Woonsocket's Commercial Corridor, Pt 2
Woonsocket launches a storefront stroll to promote local opportunity and reduce vacancies on its retail strip.
When a street becomes a destination
Fresh facades, a model block and a new marketing plan are bringing new life--and new businesses--to Philadelphia's East Girard Avenue.
Mount Washington signs up for more customers
Marketing materials that include graphic signage, a smart phone app and brochures aim to bring customers deeper into the Mount Washington community.
Note to small biz: Loans are available
Good news for Mom and Pop corner stores, auto repair shops and your neighborhood taqueria: More loan options are available for small businesses than most realize.
Fishtown on the rise
On East Girard Avenue, conditions are ripe for a commercial renaissance.
Philly stake
A model block and other new programs offer a commercial corridor in Philadelphia’s Fishtown community a chance to shine.
Southwest Side Purchase Pool Drives Quantity Discounts
“The more you buy, the more you save” (aka ‘spaving’) has to be one of advertising’s most egregious clichés, encouraging shoppers to buy things in quantity that…
Lawrenceville’s big day
MetroEdge starts researching how to foster a grassroots mainstay in Pittsburgh.
More alike than different
What works in rural community development is what works in cities—especially when you plan for any differences in scale.

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